Open Source Development

Web Security Map is an open source project. It is available on GitLab.

WSM costs you nothing to download, run or modify: except for your time, patience and skill. Instructions are published on gitlab and youtube. (todo: link)

Our efforts are backed by income from:

  • Yearly Community Subscriptions
  • Time and skill donated by volunteers
  • Implement new features on request
  • Providing commercial services by our team
    • hosting
    • feature implementation
    • support
    • trainings

Buying one of our services This helps us cover costs for continuous development and improvements. Visit our shop, here. Or contact us, here. (todo: links)

Organizations that run Web Security Map, we highly encourage to purchase a yearly Community Subscription. This allows us our organization to continue development.

Buying one of our services allows continuous improvement of Web Security Map. In case you don’t need any of our services, we recommend a yearly Community Subscription. You can get that in our shop, here. (todo: create shop).