Add transparency to your government, or anything…

WSM supports importing data from Open Street Maps and Wikidata, as well as uploading Spreadsheets with address information. Your imagination is the limit in selecting your target audience.

Open Street Map

Open Street Map contains tons of information about regions, provinces, municipalities, cities and countries.

WSM supports importing these layers and creating (and updating) a map based on these.


Using Wikidata, data from Open Street Maps in automatically enriched. Wikidata is a public repository of information about the world. This includes information about regional data.

Wikidata is automatically consulted when importing data from Open Street Map

Excel / Spreadsheets

It’s also possible to upload spreadsheets with location data. These locations are converted to points of interest.

Location data is geocoded with the Google Geocoding API, which requires a free Google Developer account. Instructions on obtaining these are included in WSM.