Extensive Admin Tools

WSM comes with a suite of management tools, including a management map, data edit interface and command line tools. This set allows you to be in control of everything that happens on a map.

Each of these tools comes with documentation in the form of instructions or a YouTube video.

Management Map

The management map allows for adding comply or explain information, as well as performing several management operations such as adding more domains to an organization.

It is a visual representation of the data in the system, akin to the website for visitors, but with more options.

Add domains using the management map
The admin site showing what data is processed and displayed.

Admin Site

The admin site allows editing and viewing all data. It makes changing settings and configuring your installation easy.

Dive further into the data from layers up to each scan. Perform actions like starting a scan.

Command Line Interface

Using the command line interface, it’s possible to start scans, add data and update map information.

The command line also is the way to update the installation with newer server configurations and software updates.

The command line allows experts to quickly verify and debug specific scan processed and results.

Logging in on a WSM server via SSH allows for usage of the server tool and websecmap command line utilities.