Benefits & Features

Web Security Map comes with great benefits for your organization.

Governmental benefits

Be in control of enormous amounts of data points

Web Security Map visualizes thousands of data points about security in an easily consumable way: using maps, timelines and reports.

Public accountability with Comply or Explain

Showing the state of basic security requirements for your country or sector creates public accountability and transparency. Even edge cases can be explained publicly using the comply or explain feature.

Software that scales

Web Security Map was written to work with thousands of domains and services in mind. Cognitively it also scales better then endless excel lists that just become hazy. Web Security Map helps you at scale.

Open Source, Open Data

Web Security Map is fully open source, aligning with many government practices. Open Source means that everyone can see how something works and improve it, which reduces vendor lock-in ($$$) and secrecy. Data gathered with Web Security Map comes from public data sources.

Professional Support

Professional support from the team that creates Web Security Map is available. They can help set it up, maintaining and implement wishes and requirements as needed.

Compliance Benefits

Track influence and impact

See how your improvement campaign influences the world: timelines show impact over time, and see how the map transforms from red to orange to green!

Automatic discovery of new domains and services

The IT landscape of your sector/branche/government is constantly changing. Web Security Map detects those changes and adjusts to this: adding new domains and services and deleting the ones that are removed.

Perform continuous audits

Web Security Map performs scans every day. This creates a live representation of your IT landscape. Instead of a single press release using a snapshot, be in charge with continuous updates without lifting a finger.

Public Benefits

Publish data that everyone understands

With Web Security Map, data is visualized in a way that allows a wide audience to understand the current security situation. It helps everyone understand how well you are doing, and where action is needed.

Drive the change with tangible actions

Details in Web Security Map are clear and tangible. Reports show individual metrics, including an option for a second opinion and documentation. Engineers can take these up and perform improvements.

Public Relation opportunities

Show where you are, by using data from Web Security Map: maps, timelines, charts and reports. Open up communication about security in a clear and meaningful way.

Transparency increases trust

Being transparent about security shows that you are in control. Show that you actively measure, report, respond and improve. This creates trust about the capabilities of your organizations.

Technician benefits

The outside perimeter at a glance

Retrieve information about the entire outward facing perimeter at a glance: not leaving behind or skipping any domain or service.

High Quality Datasets

Create high quality datasets based on the information published on your Web Security Map installation.

Second opinions and documentation

Each discovered metric in Web Security Map comes with links to second opinion scans and documentation. This helps with understanding the issue quicker, making it easy to improve.